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IPS logo symbolises the followings:

Partnership and Trust:

Partnership and trust between joint ventures partners and associated/subsidiaries. In effect, a ‘working hand-in-hand’ relationship.


Seen in total, it is a reflection of unity strength, solidarity and teamwork.


The two dynamic swirling curves symbolise the important amalgamation of technological and marketing expertise.


The logo and familiar red colour reflects the success of past efforts by IPS management and staff as well as its links from the Group’s past to the present.

In conclusion, the corporate identity communicates the company’s operations, builds the desired image and presents the company as a contemporary, distinctive and focused group.




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IPS-Lintec signed a long term sole exclusive distribution agreement with Linnhoff & Henne GmbH & Co. KG in July 2014 to distribute a whole range of LH brand Mastic Asphalt machines in Asia Pacific to capitalise on the large and growing markets.
Linnhoff & Henne GmbH & Co. KG is the global leader in mastic asphalt technology and draws on several decades of experience. The first mastic asphalt heaters were produced by the company Richard Henne in Holzminden in 1878. The world-wide demand for our gussasphalt mixers and pavers, which mainly focus on bridge and tunnel construction, has continuously increased over the last years. The application areas of our mastic asphalt mixers range from the Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg, the Öresund Bridge in Denmark-Sweden to a 50 km long bridge in Shanghai. Throughout the world, Linnhoff & Henne GmbH & Co. KG has made a name and impacted the roads construction industry due to our proven, durable mastic asphalt machines “Made in Germany“.

The company, located in Stadtoldendorf, develops and produces machines for the transportation and the laying of mastic asphalt. Machinery includes gussasphalt mixers (mastic asphalt pavers) as well as gussasphalt finishers – each available in various sizes and models. All machines are characterized by a highly specialized mastic asphalt technology: This allows the preparation of the material “mastic asphalt” inside the machine, its transportation and professional laying in a wide range of locations. Because of the physical properties of mastic asphalt, high demands are made to mastic asphalt equipment. This requires a specific know-how which distinguishes its mastic asphalt technology.

Linnhoff & Henne’s product range also includes melting cookers for joint-sealing, thermoplastic preheaters and bitumen laying machines, special machines like road lane dryers and grit spreaders.

2014 Congratulations to IPS Securex Holdings on its listing on SGX Catalist on 30th June 2014
2014 IPS Group recently purchased a new freehold 1 ½ storey detached factory at i-Park at Indahpura, Kulaijaya, Johor Malaysia which covers:

Land area: approx..54,954.25 sq.ft. (approx..5,105.37m2)
Built-up area: approx..31,242.07 sq.ft. (approx..2,902.46m2)